CA as Enterprise Software Division of Broadcom focuses on digital transformation

In the association of the leading technology company Broadcom, the proven tools of CA Technologies are further developed. With its strategic digital BizOps platform, Broadcom also offers the integrated solution that companies need for digital transformation.

Making the business impact of IT measurable

BSI – Business Service Insight (formerly known as Oblicore)

Performance, infrastructure or incidents are mostly professionally monitored. The gap arises with the question of business impact. As a professional SLM solution, BSI combines the commercial and technical worlds and provides the information for business-oriented management of your IT.



Alignment of IT with business objectives

The central task of IT today is to deliver custom tailored services to the business and thus make a sustainable contribution to business success. The agreed service levels form the basis for this. With BSI as a contract- and customer-oriented SLM solution, you are able to precisely prove the quality of your services compared to the agreed performance criteria.

With Business Service Insight you can achieve the following:

  • Get out of Excel Hell when it comes to business impact
  • Facts instead of feelings in Performance reviews
  • Single point of truth when it comes to service quality
  • Auditability and governance are guaranteed
  • Customer satisfaction through transparency in service delivery