Dynatrace: All-in-one monitoring - simple, automatic, AI-supported

Dynatrace simplifies performance monitoring of both complex cloud and native environments. Dynatrace learns the normal behavior of your application and can proactively identify root causes and potential impacts on the customer environment and its effects.

Software Intelligence Platform


With advanced monitoring, artificial intelligence, and complete automation, you get not only data, but also answers regarding the performance of your applications, infrastructure, and end-user experience. So you can achieve modernization and automation to publish better software faster.

Dynatrace offers:

Application performance: Automatic instrumentation and analysis of application performance with identification of problems and their causes across all layers and a variety of technologies.

Monitoring of infrastructure: Continuous automatic detection and monitoring of hosts, VMs, containers with orchestration, networks, logs and events, among many more.

Digital experience: Optimize the user experience by ensuring that each application is available, functional, fast and efficient across web, mobile and IoT channels.

Digital business analytics: AI-based answers to business questions for instant insight into key business metrics such as conversions, bounce rate, release validation and more.