Servicetrace: Pioneer in Robotics

Servicetrace consistently places the human being or the end user at the heart of its thinking and actions. The products are designed to free people and organisations from tedious, monotonous tasks and thus create space for new ideas and innovations.

See what Servicetrace can offer:

If the IT is running, the business is running

Servicetrace APM

Servicetrace robots operate business-critical applications in exactly the same way as human employees do. Throughout the year, 24/7, at worldwide distributed locations and fully automated, the synthetic users monitor the availability and performance of IT-based business processes and alarm critical values.

Applications operate like a human being

Customers want a solution that enables them to monitor the end user experience quickly and in a resource-saving manner. Using the Workflow Studio, which maps the monitoring process, you simply drag and drop to define activities that the robot should perform. The GUI technology works across applications and systems for desktop, web, mainframe and also in citrix environments.

With Application Performance Management from Servicetrace you:

  • can assess the quality of service from the customer's point of view,
  • get one solution for all applications,
  • achieve intuitive, simple and flexible monitoring.

360° View on Application Performance

Automation with guaranteed success

Servicetrace XceleratorOne

Servicetrace has developed the RPA platform XceleratorOne with the goal of guaranteeing the success of your process automation. With a single platform you can plan, implement, operate, scale and centrally control your processes.

Automation as a life cycle

From a business perspective, XceleratorOne guides users through all phases of the automation process - from process evaluation to process modeling and monitoring. Tools accompany every automation phase and every process step. This reduces complexity and creates transparency.

With XceleratorOne from Servicetrace you can achieve the following:

  • Lifecycle management of your automation
  • Vertical scalability through X1 Secure Sessions
  • Business Process Management Integration through BPMN 2.0

XceleratorOne®: The Enterprise Automation Platform.