Service management reporting with amasol SMR

amasol's commitment to service level management (SLM) is strategic and long-term. Our globally positioned SLM team is characterized by broad domain know-how, in-depth tool knowledge and above all practical experience with different customers.
We have bundled this experience into various solutions under the name amasol SMR, which enormously facilitates work in the area of service management reporting / service level management.

We can offer you the following:

Service level reporting as Managed Service

amasol Service Level Management

Establishing and operating an automated service level reporting system requires not only time, investment and operating costs, but also dedicated know-how. Alternatively, amasol's managed service offers a professional, scalable alternative quickly and easily.

Professional Managed Service instead of spending a long time building it yourself

Customer-related, ticket-based reporting of helpdesk services in accordance with the agreed SLAs as a managed service enables a fast, uncomplicated start. We generate preliminary customer reports from your ticket data. The correction and comment loop ensures that, for instance, issues in tickets are corrected and customer-caused issues are taken into account. The final report corresponds to the contract, is complete, transparent and comprehensible.

With amasol Service Level Reporting you can achieve the following:

  • A fast and cost-effective professional reporting solution
  • A scalable solution without own investments
  • Escape from Excel hell
  • A clear and comprehensible exclusion of errors for which you are not accountable
  • Auditability and governance are guaranteed

The way to
agilize your service level management

Automation and flexibility are the key to efficient service level management. The main focuses are the following:

  • Dashboard layer for performance management and control in business real-time - including drilldown and root-cause analysis
  • ETL layer for process automation and support with focus on the business user
  • Operational Cockpit for the smooth operation of the SLM solution

With the amasol Business Integration Modules you can achieve the following:

  • Automation and flexibilization of your SLM system
  • Business real-time dashboards
  • Control of the data volume and assurance of data quality
  • User acceptance and optimization of the total cost of ownership
  • Smooth operation and always up-to-date results
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