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Public cloud strategies are on the agenda in many organisations. This increases the complexity, while the "conventional" IT and its monitoring must keep running. However, the team rarely grows with it. So how does your IT teams get its hands free without getting a backlash in terms of data security?

Monitoring procedures from the amasol Managed Cloud (aMC) with Ggerman data storage offer solutions. Find out how you can close individual monitoring gaps or set up a holistic monitoring concept as an aMC service.


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The amasol trends provide you with various innovative immediate solutions for acute IT needs. These are always overall solutions that start where the shoe pinches you the most.

This time: Obtain IT monitoring services directly from the German amasol cloud.

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Security breaches through international technology providers or compliance worries? These scenarios are history with the amasol Managed Cloud. It offers you selected software solutions from our vendor partners and "turn-key" services, hosted in Germany.


What we offer you
with aMC

  1. 1 “Made in Germany“: German data storage with Hyperscaler Comfort (Azure), which ensures compliance with data protection requirements (DSGVO)
  2. 2 Modern subscription model: Demand-oriented bundles of software licences, support, and services
  3. 3 High automation: Provision of new services via aMC portal and automatic transfer of test scenarios to production

Tech Talk:
aMC in

This cloud service provides our own practical additions to the manufacturer's solutions, simplifying your performance monitoring, your configuration management, and the associated back-ups.

1 Automatic performance monitoring thanks to aMC Dynatrace

Monitor complex cloud environments more easily: aMC Dynatrace on the Azure platform learns the "normal behaviour" of an app, recognises anomalies and their impact on the UX, just like the standard tool.

2 Secure back-up through aMC Config Management

Reassuring: Accidentally deleted configurations can be restored at any time using the back-up of your Dynatrace configuration.

3 24/7 check with the aMC Synthetic App

Know around the clock if and how your important portals and websites are running: The integrated aMC Synthetic app informs you about alarms so that you can react immediately.

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from the amasol
Managed Cloud?

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    First of all, any company or organisation that cannot use a “generic” solution from the cloud. This includes, for example, banks, insurance companies, operators of critical infrastructures or German authorities, , as they are subject to higher data protection regulations.

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    Then there are all the IT operations that are working at the limits of their capacity, expect some relief from the cloud, but have not been able to use it so far due to limited framework conditions.

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    And also, all "smart spenders" who do not wish to send their monitoring data via expensive network connections to other "cloud worlds” but want to leave everything with their strategic cloud partner. Example: Log file monitoring. Here, large amounts of data accumulate quickly. With aMC, you can analyse this information right where it is generated and thus reduce costs.

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of your data thanks to back-ups


to you immediately

thanks to pre-configuration



via the app

When is it
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amasol Managed

Priorities are shifting, business is changing. However, a well-thought-out cloud strategy is a good idea at any time. If the following challenges are bothering you, it is worth giving us a call:

  • Your web performance could be better Since 2020 at the latest, a well-functioning shop page is essential for survival. You want to know around the clock how the performance is doing and use Dynatrace Synthetic for monitoring? Then the Synthetic App from aMC is exactly what you need to visualise the data even more conveniently.
  • You need to safely set up or more frequently rebuild your Dynatrace monitoring The manual transfer of test configurations into production configurations is complex and requires a lot of time. With aMC, you can realise the functionalities for configurations and back-ups simply and quickly by "copy & paste".
  • Performance is all of a sudden at the Top of the agenda With the criticality of web performance, its documentation and thus reporting has also become a management issue. With aMC you can now roll out your performance reports and dashboards in a few simple steps.
  • Enable cloud innovation, but avoid data access Would you like to benefit from the innovative power of your monitoring manufacturer and stay up to date? Without an open loophole to your data? amasol "manages" this for you with German data storage and the aMC_Proxy. With this, you will receive the updates, but closely control the data backflow.
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