amasol – Successful Only as a Team

amasol is committed to always focus its work on customer benefits and the individual customer situation. Our consultants’ core competence is to listen, to engage with the customers and to try to fully understand their specific requirements.

Based on this deep customer situation analysis in combination with the knowledge and the experience within the whole amasol team a solution tailored to the specific customer needs will be designed and implemented. In practice, this only can happen, if all amasol employees rise to this challenge and manage their projects with an independent and entrepreneurial thinking.

amasol encourages this engagement with a sustainable ethic human resource policy, comprehensive training programs, an intensive initial training on the different work areas and a family-friendly flexible working time model as well as an individual coaching of high potentials.

Annually held corporate events lead to an exchange of experience and ideas outside of the daily project business and create room for new ideas. Common events with our vendor partners guarantee the effective cooperation for our customers’ benefits.

It is our goal, to continue the company’s sustainable growth for the future. Nevertheless, the existing flat hierarchy will be kept. For this reason we need highly skilled, socially competent colleagues, who are eager to develop personally and in their business career by taking full responsibility for their projects.

If you want to support us in reaching our goal you are more than welcome.

Please contact us for further details and information.