IT management on an oil rig - anything but an easy task

Take a step back in time, at least ten years, and imagine that you were commissioned to set up a system to manage a wide variety of IT systems on oil rigs, covering both performance and fault management. Then you would face two very special challenges:

First, an oil rig is usually located on the high seas, hundreds of kilometres from the coast. Isolated high performance systems in a more than demanding environment (wind, waves, dirt, etc.) offer little space for integration and homogenization.

Secondly, the connection to the mainland is only possible via a narrowband telephone or satellite connection, which allows only a low data throughput.

What would you have done?

DX Infrastructure Manager (formerly CA UIM)

The founders of Nimsoft were then faced with exactly this challenge and knew exactly what to do.
First of all, the IT experts developed a slim, yet highly scalable bus architecture that was unique to this day, and which already enabled powerful monitoring of both performance and event data with the connectivity options available at the time.

On the basis of this bus architecture, the Nimsoft founders then designed an analysis tool that integrated the root cause analysis for various IT components (from physical and virtual servers, applications and networks to energy consumption or end user experience) in one tool.

Nimsoft Unified Architecture

To date, the company has developed more than 140 different components for a wide variety of hardware and software systems (Cisco, VBlock, SAP, and many more).

And in the event that a company uses a component for which no integration yet exists, Nimsoft provides an open API in a variety of languages and an individual development kit.

DX Infrastructure Manager covers the entire range of monitoring requirements beyond the most diverse silo solutions and combines speed and ease of use with maximum scalability and multi-client capability. The basis for this is the unique message bus architecture, which enables a modularly configurable system that can be accessed simultaneously via a central management console.

DX Infrastructure Manager improves service quality and reduces IT deployment costs by leveraging a common, unified monitoring solution that includes both traditional data centers and advanced virtualization and cloud solutions. Unified Infrastructure Management allows users to proactively monitor the service quality of their entire IT infrastructure, including servers, applications, network components, databases, storage solutions, cloud environments, and end-user experience. All monitoring results are then visualized in customized portals, dashboards and reports.

CA UIM Technische Architektur

The DX Infrastructure Manager is natively multi-client capable, can be used in distributed environments and can be adapted to various requirements via open interfaces.

DX Infrastructure Manager is an efficient, scalable platform that enables you to monitor and manage all elements of your IT environment – network devices, applications, databases, servers, storage systems, virtualization platforms and much more. You can also use the same platform to monitor and manage your cloud-based infrastructure and all elements of a converged infrastructure platform such as Flexpod or Vblock.

DX Infrastructure Manager Portal

The DX Infrastructure Manager Portal provides secure, web-based and multi-client capable representations of the data obtained using DX Infrastructure Manager. Administrators and end users can create individual views at any time with fully customizable layouts that provide exactly the insight they need.

CA UIM Management Portal

In addition, alarm lists, service-based views and ad-hoc reporting for troubleshooting are already included in the scope of delivery. The portal is rounded off by service level management functionalities, a central administration interface to the Nimsoft environment and much more.

DX Infrastructure Manager Reporter

Der DX Infrastructure Manager Reporter ist die Schnittstelle in ein vollwertiges Business Intelligence Reporting Tool. Die Lösung enthält bereits 75 vordefinierte Berichtsvorlagen, die jederzeit ergänzt, aufbereitet und angepasst werden können. Zusätzlich steht die gesamte Leistungspalette eines vollwertigen Reporting-Tools für die Erstellung individuell zugeschnittener Reports zur Verfügung.

Mit der grafischen Darstellung von Überwachungsdaten im Zeitverlauf liefert DX Infrastructure Manager ein leistungsstarkes visuelles Werkzeug zur Datenanalyse. Die einfach verständlichen Diagramme lassen sofort Muster erkennen, die auf Leistungs- oder Kapazitätsprobleme hinweisen.


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