DEX + ITIM + AIOps = The formula for a successful business

One of the central challenges for IT teams today is to achieve the most comprehensive, enterprise-wide, and cross-system overview of user experience, encompassing both internal users and external users, while being able to proactively avoid all disruptions and errors that may affect this user experience.

AI-based Digital Experience Management (DEX) platforms such as Aternity by Riverbed continuously capture application and device data, generating a comprehensive real-time overview from the user's perspective. Furthermore, network and infrastructure data are correlated with end-user experience data, resulting in a much better understanding of the service quality delivered (see the following graphic for comparison).

Less Noise, More Focus

Another increasingly annoying problem in practice: the ever-growing monitoring "noise". Through the integration of AI technologies, DEX platforms help to significantly reduce the number of unnecessary alarm notifications through intelligent alarm aggregation and prioritization. Only relevant and critical alarm notifications are forwarded to the IT team. This shortens their reaction time and increases efficiency.

AI Assists in Troubleshooting

DEX platforms typically leverage machine learning to identify the root causes of issues faster (Root Cause Analysis). This saves time and resources that would otherwise be spent on manual troubleshooting. They are also capable of automating routine tasks and processes, reducing the workload of the IT team and ensuring consistent application of best practices.

XLA Instead of SLA: User Experience as Evaluation Criterion

By continuously analyzing and optimizing resource utilization, Digital Experience Management helps maximize IT infrastructure efficiency. This often leads to cost savings while simultaneously improving system performance.

This, in turn, results in higher availability and reliability of the IT services provided to end users, ultimately ensuring a better user experience.

Furthermore, this changes the evaluation of IT services. Instead of focusing on traditional metrics such as performance or availability, the focus is increasingly on the experience of using these services. This even impacts the contractual agreements: Experience Level Agreements (XLAs) are replacing traditional Service Level Agreements (SLAs) more and more frequently.

DEX as the Foundation for Successful Business

Thanks to modern DEX platforms like Aternity, companies are able to gain insight into the user experience of both internal and external users despite continuously growing complexity. By using modern AI technologies, monitoring and management processes are automated and optimized. This allows IT teams to react faster to issues, improve system performance, and make operations more efficient. AI technologies also provide data-driven insights and recommendations that support IT teams in strategic decision-making. This includes aspects such as capacity planning, upgrade strategies, and investments in new technologies.

This also changes how the performance of the IT team is evaluated. With DEX, not only efficiency and performance in IT infrastructure management increase, but also productivity and end-user satisfaction, as they can always rely on a performant and reliable IT infrastructure.