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Why does it all take so long! Those responsible for digital innovation know the phrase all too well. But digital transformation is making slow progress with familiar methods. Yet IT infrastructures are business-critical today, as every digital transaction is a business process that determines success.

Modern business processes should therefore be deeply networked with the agile IT processes of a company. Managed, optimized and operated by interface teams from "Business" and "Operations" (in short: BizOps). This method brings together teams, technologies and end-to-end processes to accelerate innovation cycles and make companies more resilient in times of change.


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The amasol trends provide you with various innovative immediate aids for acute IT hardships. These are always integrated solutions that start where the shoe pinches you the most.


This time: BizOps

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In the age of digitalization, customers must be at the center of all business activities. But how do you find out if a business transaction offers the optimal user experience? BizOps helps you to understand, measure and continuously improve UX as an essential factor for business success.


How we empower companies for BizOps:

  1. 1 Interdisciplinary collaboration: We advise on setting up a Center of Excellence in which cross-functional teams from IT Operations and Product Management collaborate.
  2. 2 Visualization with live data: We ensure that you can display your performance and impact analyses in real time on a dashboard in the future.
  3. 3 Visibility across your infrastructure, such as cloud, on-premises IT or hybrid systems, where we always focus on the user experience.
  4. 4 Contract control: amasol checks your existing SLA & OLA contracts with internal and external customers as well as underpinning contracts with suppliers for compliance and quality.

Tech Talk:

How do you concretely "get going" with BizOps? With this incremental approach, you lay the foundation for an innovation-friendly infrastructure.

1 Focus on business-critical applications

Capture & assess: First, we get a picture of your app landscape, review your measurement methods and close gaps with agile monitoring for your app performance and IT infrastructure.

2 Agent-based, synthetic or desktop - when it comes to monitoring, a lot goes

Stay flexible: However you currently implement your app performance management, we can assess the state and increase availability ad hoc with partners like Splunk, Dynatrace or Aternity.

3 Smooth SLA reporting

Beyond the boundaries of the organization: in the future, you should be able to see in real time what is running and where things are hiccuping. Our monitoring experts ensure this with the support of proven partners such as Apptio or Broadcom.

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    In one sentence? Every company that wants to increase its innovation speed!

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    In concrete terms: All product managers who are responsible for a digital service and need market-relevant information for the development of innovations. BizOps provides them with all the figures that enable rapid, customer-centric product creation.

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    Those who need to ensure the performance and availability of business-critical transactions on the IT side also benefit from BizOps. For business unit managers responsible for IT operations, our service is a real relief.

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    Project managers who steer tasks through the company also gain valuable insights and helpful digital resources for their work thanks to BizOps.

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of companies are in the middle of digital transformation.*


see poor coordination between the teams involved as the biggest hurdle.*


expect management to initiate better collaboration between IT and business departments.*

only 29%

have already introduced BizOps in the company.*

When is it
time for
BizOps with

You know that BizOps will be relevant for your company in the future. However, sometimes it is not so easy to get started or even to define requirements. After all, BizOps is a new paradigm in many companies. We know of three typical scenarios where customers need a helping hand:

  • If you want to establish a Center of Excellence aufbauen möchten All starts with a kick-off, where we establish a BizOps Center of Excellence in your company. We have already done this for Generali and other well-known companies, for example. Part of the stocktaking that takes place here is the collection of metrics to be able to implement BizOps in the first place. Logical, because first you need to know all the parameters so that you can then control them better.
  • If you are looking for monitoring for your digital business model Monitoring today means much more than "goes or doesn't go". We look at your business from two sides. First, we look at the service side of things. Then we drive user experience testing to find out why conversion rates are low, for example.
  • If you want to get smarter from your e-commerce solution data Data alone won't provide answers to questions like, "Why do we have so many shopping cart abandonments? Why are customers bailing?" Data must first be correctly interpreted in order to develop your online business based on it. We start where your e-commerce tool leaves off and provide you with comprehensive advice.
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