Keysight: No more blind flying: measuring instead of guessing!

Keysight, now a part of Keysight Technologies, provides testing, visualization and security solutions to secure applications on physical and virtual networks.
Enterprise companies and service providers around the world use Keysight to verify their designs, optimize performance and ensure the security of their networks.

Discover what Keysight has to offer:

Keysight Network Visibility

Within the scope of its customer projects, amasol focuses on APM and real-time analytics solutions that use network traffic as data source.

Complete insight into the network

A secure and reliable network visibility infrastructure is crucial for the success of such projects. This technology delivers copies of productive network data streams to our monitoring systems. Security systems (IDS/IPS) and packet analysis tools can also benefit from this.

Keysight Network Visibility has the following features:

Highest scalability


Easy handling

No packet loss

High availability

6 Ways Network Visibility Can Optimize Your Network

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Keysight Hawkeye

Whether VoIP, cloud services or CRM system, a high-performance usability of all applications is a critical factor for the competitiveness of IT organizations today. Network problems can prevent this from happening. The company needs a simple and secure way to continuously ensure the performance of the network.

Improve application reliability through active network monitoring

Keysight Hawkeye validates network performance and proactively detects problems through regular, active testing from multiple locations over wired or Wi-Fi network connections. Hawkeye can simulate the traffic from different applications and thus provide an accurate analysis of the existing network quality. The measurements range from simple network metrics such as latency or band width to user experience and Wi-Fi monitoring capabilities:

Endpoints for Keysight Hawkeye can be rolled out as software or hardware solution.

 Network or application problems can be found faster by testing regularly.

 Web-based analysis platform with multi-user access, for test scheduling, data management and real-time analysis

Visibility into Your Customer Experience with Hawkeye

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