Data is of little use to the companies if it is not accessible. Even the sheer flood of data can be overstraining - and business-critical information is quickly lost. More than ever before, companies are dependent on being able to access the basis for decisions automatically and in real time. And that brings us to the typical dilemma:

High expectations: The business relevant contribution of IT: Decision-makers and customers assume that the technology is running, and IT is already taking care of it. Increasingly, Ops teams must now also be measured by the value they add to the company. Keeping the growing complexity under control with existing resources and providing decision support are equally important tasks today.

Small department: Ops teams are not scalable: Unlike IT infrastructures, Ops teams do not simply grow with you. Nevertheless, they are given more and more tasks. So, it is important to relieve this specialist staff with machines in precisely the areas where automation can be easily achieved: in the compression of data and the detection of patterns, trends and anomalies.

The solution

Artificial Intelligence Operations - we call it #AIOPS for the sake of simplicity: In a figurative sense, we provide the operator with a small robot that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to bring light into the analysis darkness.


Five steps for a big sigh of relief in IT - this is how we bring AI into your business:

Systematically collect
raw data sources


Where does the alarm management system feed from? After our inventory, problems can be identified more quickly.



98 percent of all alarms are redundant. We filter them out, reduce tickets and relieve the workload of Ops teams.

Consolidate individual
alerts in situations


Enough with the waterfall method! Instead, fewer individual incidents, fewer tickets and more real-time processing.

Sharpen self-learning


We help your systems get the best out of AI technology to solve problems faster.



One of our most important tasks in #AIOPS: transforming traditional process models into real-time organisations forever.




AI, analytics, and done? With #AIOPS of amasol you benefit from more than innovative technologies:

  • Assessment for the right AI approach including app performance, event correlation, log file analysis, anomaly detection

  • Selection, implementation & integration of relevant solutions

  • Operation of the #AIOPS solution - also as managed service

  • Trainings for your employees

Your BizOps Value: innovate quickly, generate
more turnover

What counts with business innovations is that they are quickly ready for the market. Here #AIOPS makes two very decisive contributions: On the one hand, our solution accelerates innovations with automatic anomaly and error detection. On the other hand, #AIOPS shortens release cycles through more error-resistant applications. In combination this ensures a significantly faster marketability.



Good companies have good reasons to choose innovations from amasol. Here are three of them:

1 Shift left! Quickly to a better performance

Not for nothing are they called "War Rooms" - the lengthy rounds of experts when serious performance problems arise. With us you will no longer fight hopeless battles here! Because #AIOPS reduces the Mean time to repair without fighting and cramping.

2 Ensure legal capacity

If a risk arises, AI helps you to identify its technical or economic dimensions. With the learning ability that #AIOPS brings to your IT system, you will be able to detect service performance anomalies even faster in the future - before they can endanger your business.

3 Working together in real time

Nothing is worse than two hands not knowing what the other is doing. With #AIOPS you not only ensure transparency for your IT experts. It also enables them to finally work together in real time and find solutions to problems with both hands.

Facts check


reduction of event messages thanks to #AIOPS*


time saving in problem solving*


less event noise thanks to #AIOPS**

Sources: *Gartner, Market Guide for AIOps Platforms Study 11/2019 **eBook, Observability with AIOps For Dummies

Use cases
for #AIOPS

Analytics technology can be applied in almost all IT management disciplines. It is particularly useful for:

Noise reduction
for alerts

Not every alarm requires action. #AIOPS simply filters out redundant error noise.

Service impact

An error that alerts the machine as it should. What effect does the error have? #AIOPS simplifies the classification for a targeted resource allocation.


Recognising what deviates from the normal state. In time and with full capacity to act.

Problem assignment
in real time

SWAT-Team for IT please step forward! Our solution helps to allocate problems to the appropriate operations team.


Omm, my glass ball: the ultimate glimpse into the future of your networked IT and used cloud environments.

The amasol factor:
Better safe
than sorry.

For a powerful boost to your operational efficiency: Combine #AIOPS of amasol with our powerful #APM solution. In this way, you will gain valuable insights into application usage. And you will also lay the foundation for a sustainable performance culture.


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