amasol Trend Sudy "Service Level Management - Centralization and Automation"

Service Level Management (SLM) is increasingly becoming an essential part of the IT infrastructure. However, manual monitoring of SLM processes is a time-consuming and error-prone task that affects productivity. For this reason, SLM automation is increasingly coming into focus. The aim of the trend study "Service Level Management - Centralization and Automation" was to find answers to questions such as:

  • What role does centralized or automated management of Service Level Agreements(SLAs) currently play in German companies?
  • What goals are to be achieved with centralized or automated Service Level Management?
  • What obstacles and hurdles hinder centralized or automated Service Level Management?
  • How is Service Level Management currently implemented technically? (Processes, software)
  • What are the future plans for Service Level Management?

The study was conducted between January and March 2023 on behalf of amasol and is now available for download.

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