Apptio: Keeping an eye on IT costs and SLAs

With the Apptio product suite, IT decision makers can monitor and analyse costs and SLAs in on-premise, cloud or hybrid environments. Based on the results, further steps and investments can be derived to accelerate business processes and allow for innovation.

See what Apptio offers:

A view on Service quality:
Valuation of business-relevant key figures

Digital Fuel

Service level management processes often do not run automatically. So shouldn't the focus be on evaluation rather than on the collection of key figures?
amasol projects show how agreements can be checked and presented in a recipient-oriented way. This leaves time for optimisation.

Fact-based decisions for controlling IT services

A discussion with customers, specialist departments and suppliers at eye level requires a comprehensible presentation of agreed key figures and their details.
In a top-down approach - starting with the contract definition - required logics are created by means of visual modelling. Due to the step-by-step preparation, calculations are traceable at any time. Results are presented in role-based dashboards and reports and can be automatically distributed by e-mail.

Advantages of the automation platform of Digital Fuel:

  • Rapid quality improvement of the services offered
  • Avoidance of manual and error-prone activities
  • Integrated management of contracts (SLA, OLA, UC) including versioning
  • Reuse existing metrics across customers/suppliers and services
  • Role-specific reporting, e.g. for customers and service owners

Optimise cloud costs and resource
for even faster innovation

Apptio Cloudability

Cloudability optimises cloud resources and generates from invoices and tags the information that ensures the necessary overview and allocation of consumption in real-time.

Cloud costs and resources under control - in real time

Cloud services from Amazon, Google and Microsoft have become an essential part of corporate IT and are constantly growing. Often two or even all three providers are involved. Cloudability supports you to keep the overview despite the flood of data and constantly changing pricelists, to optimise costs and to enable a correct and dynamic cost allocation.

With Apptio Cloudability you can achieve the following:

  • Standardised monitoring of cloud costs and consumption across multiple providers
  • Accurate picture of cloud costs
  • Use of machine learning for risk assessment for right sizing and reservations
  • Increase of the cloud service maturity level through score card information
  • Strengthening the teams and ensuring compliance

Process gear, continuous optimisation of IT costs across all cost types

Apptio IT Financial Management Foundation

IT Financial Management Foundation from Apptio automates and accelerates the analysis and planning of your IT spending. The process-driven optimisation is continuous and comprehensive, from personnel costs, provider and asset costs to project costs and cloud costs.

The automated process to optimise your IT costs

Effective cost control and cost optimisation in IT are essential tasks inIT management. Apptio's procedural model, driven by more than 10,000 members of the global TBM Council, guarantees you a field-proven, automated best-practice process to optimise your IT costs in terms of planning, control and optimisation.

With Apptio IT Financial Management Foundation you can achieve the following:

  • Speed in your planning cycles
  • Automation of data aggregation and report generation
  • Identification of optimisation possibilities
  • Simple and clear cost allocation
  • Reduction of plan deviations

IT accounting that understands the business

Apptio Bill of IT

Apptio Bill of IT delivers predictable and traceable billing of IT costs that the business understands. Automated consumption-based invoicing and dispatch allow transparency and cost optimisation in close coordination with the operational business units.

Automation and self-service in IT cost accounting

Traceable, reliable monthly statements of IT costs for business customers ensure a transparent and comprehensible basis for achieving the common goal: maximum business success at minimum cost. The automation of invoice generation and the possibility for business customers to understand and analyse costs in detail in the self-service portal ensures maximum transparency with minimum effort.

With Apptio Bill of IT you can achieve the following:

  • Automated monthly billing including shipping
  • Transparent communication with the business
  • Clear and simple traceability of the impact of consumption patterns on costs
  • Self-service in the invoice analysis of business customers

Optimize IT costs - invest in growth

Apptio Cost Transparency

Apptio Cost Transparency automatically analyzes all existing data on your IT costs. You will always receive the overviews and details you need, up-to-date and easily, in order to optimally control and continuously increase your contribution to business success within budget.

Decisions based on correct, comprehensive information from Cost Transparrency

Cost transparency - always available quickly and easily - is the basis for controlling any complex organization. Apptio Cost Transparency was specially developed for the requirements of modern IT and supports you in adhering to budgets, in analyzing deviations and trends as well as in making informed decisions, so that you can always ensure alignment with the business success of your company.

With Apptio Cost Transparency you can achieve the following:

  • Proactive management of all IT expenses against budget
  • Overview and details of all cost types and trends
  • Project resources aligned with the priorities of the business units
  • Transparency with regard to the responsibility of business customers
  • Alignment of the application portfolio with the value proposition for the company