IT departments
at the limit

The growing use of the cloud, the dynamics of modern system architectures and the introduction of numerous innovative services for other business areas - IT departments in many companies are working at the limit. It's high time for Next Generation Monitoring solutions to relieve the burden on IT.


amasol Trends:
immediate help for your
IT operations

The amasol trends provide you with various innovative immediate aids for acute IT hardships. These are always integrated solutions that start where the shoe pinches you the most.

This time: Measure user experience correctly and optimize it proactively.

Self-healing IT with
Next Generation

A full 50 percent* of all IT malfunctions are not reported to IT by monitoring systems, but by end users. We find: This works better! Modern IT management solutions should be designed to measure from the user perspective. Even more: They must automatically identify UX problems and resolve them independently.

With Next Generation Monitoring, we offer a total solution that demonstrates genuine self-healing qualities. For example, in the operation of critical applications or hybrid or public-cloud infrastructures.

*Source: Computerweekly


The self-healing process with Next 
Generation Monitoring

  1. 1 Identification of the cause of the problem
  2. 2 Reduction of the mean time to repair (MTTR)
  3. 3 Identification of Automation use cases
  4. 4 Automatic problem solution
  5. 5 Optimization of the resistance

Tech Talk:
Our solutions & services in close-up

In addition to workshops and assessment centres, the range of services of course also includes ultra-modern, enterprise-capable technologies. Here is an exemplary close-up of how and with what we can optimize your system resilience:

1 LIVE and in color - amasol gets an overview

Keptn for NoOps is a solution for monitoring classic and modern applications of the entire system landscape. This allows you to focus on the user experience regardless of technology.

2 Our experts can capture the system signals

Dynatrace is the ideal digital performance management platform on the way to  "selfdriving IT". It keeps an eye on all business transactions and ensures first-class performance and UX with automated analyses.

3 Next Generation Monitoring goes live

We see the value-added contribution of our solution in the optimal integration of business and IT operations (BizOps). Extensive automation combined with artificial intelligence (AIOps) relieves the burden on operations and provides the business units with relevant information.

can benefit from Next Generation

  • All core business segments. From Application management and user help desk, to the development teams, marketing and business units.

Facts check Next Generation Monitoring


less IT failure

due to the use of AIOps*


disruptive events

instead of 3,1 million**

Sources: *Forrester, Total Economic Impact Study 11/2018 **Our experience at Daimler

Next Gen 
success story -
How Daimler Benz

  • Availibility issues: Business critical applications are often not available
  • Technology:AIOps
  • Process:Deduplication, entropy analysis and clustering events
  • Results: Alarms from multiple tools and data sources are collected at a central location and clustered into situations using AI and entropy. Alarms are reduced from 3.1 million events to 122 events.
  • What the amasol trend does for Daimler Benz: Next Generation Monitoring enables the analysis of user behavior in real time. Daimler Benz will be able to react immediately to critical events in the future. The basis for this will be so-called data-driven decisions - binding information on performance.
  • Next Generation Monitoring relieves the burden on IT staff to such an extent that they are no longer just busy with failures as "fault clearance points". From now on they are able to evaluate "pre-warnings" and act proactively before systems fail.

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