Precisely: Better Data, better decision

Precisely helps achieve data integrity by ensuring the accuracy, consistency and context of your data. This means you can make better, faster and safer decisions based on a deeper understanding of data you can trust.

Discover what Precisely has to offer:

Comprehensive operational information
in real timet

Ironstream for Splunk

Ironstream for Splunk enables you to easily and quickly capture and transform log data from IBM systems, which is then passed to Splunk and merged with machine data from across your organisation's IT infrastructure.

The result: complete transparency in real time without the use of different, sometimes redundant and isolated tools or special IBM mainframe or IBM i expertise.

The result: users can search, analyse and visualise data from all enterprise systems centrally in one place and benefit from comprehensive, meaningful insights.

Cross-enterprise IT security and compliance with security regulations

Ironstream collects security data from numerous IBM mainframe and IBM i sources, transforms it and transfers it to Splunk in real time. In Splunk, you can then analyse this information in the context of your organisation's entire IT infrastructure.

Security-related information from these platforms on access patterns, authorisation errors, user behaviour, etc. helps you identify and prevent potential security breaches, regardless of where they occur.

In addition, Ironstream for Splunk allows you to quickly and easily identify deviations from predefined IT security best practises and set up audit trails that meet the requirements of security officers and IT security auditors.

Ironstream von Splunk offers,

  • Complete visibility: Gain a comprehensive view of your infrastructure and eliminate vulnerabilities,
  • Enhanced security: Protect your business from security threats and disruptions,
  • Improved operations: identify problems before they occur, resolve outages immediately and optimise your infrastructure spend,
  • Faster insights: Deploy quickly so you can share key insights across your organisation in an instant and in real time.

Smooth collection and
use of data


Take control of your data with Connect - from the mainframe to the cloud. Integrate data through batch and real-time ingestion for advanced analytics, machine learning and seamless data migration.

Optimised environments, maximum performance

Connect is the only solution with a self-optimising engine that dynamically selects the most efficient algorithms, based on data structures and system attributes, at runtime. You are assured of always getting the best possible performance, regardless of whether a task is running locally or in the cloud. For ETL processes, Connect users could benefit from ten times faster performance and save hundreds of development hours.

Connect offers

  • Simplified integration: Use a centralised solution to integrate, prepare, load, cleanse, transform and transfer data across cluster or cloud-based frameworks,
  • Data access: Securely integrate all enterprise data, from the mainframe to IBM i to the cloud,
  • Real-time replication: transfer changes to data instantly for immediate use in downstream systems, data lakes and warehouses,
  • Future-Proof: add new sources and targets on the fly. Deployment in new environments requires no additional development effort.

For comprehensive IT security and

Assure Security

Assure Security provides market-leading capabilities to help you address any security vulnerabilities in your IBM i system to comply with applicable cybersecurity regulations.

Access control, monitoring & reporting, Data protection and malware defence

Assure Security covers the following four areas:

  • Assure Access Control enables you to set up strict security policies to protect your systems and data with efficient automated control over all access levels and methods.
  • Assure Monitoring and Reporting provides a continuous, detailed view of all security-related incidents and generates easy-to-understand alerts and reports on IBM i system activity, data changes or calls to sensitive Db2 data that can be responded to immediately with the appropriate action.
  • Assure Data Privacy protects sensitive and highly regulated data from unauthorised access, using advanced encryption, token-based and masking technologies to protect sensitive data "at rest" or in transit across the network.
  • Assure Malware Defense is based on the combination of several features in Assure Security and provides robust and resilient malware protection for IBM i systems that you can integrate with your existing Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution.