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Three seconds often decide on the customer's happiness. Because that's exactly how long users spend opening an application. If it takes longer, 60 percent of them delete the app immediately. What does that mean? Performance makes you happy. Even more: it is critical to the company. The world's greatest app is useless if it does not do what it is supposed to do from the first push of a button.

When the Ops team is clueless: If users complain about performance, it is often not easy for the Ops team to reproduce the error. Especially when their systems approach the problem via classic network and server utilization, i.e. measuring from the inside out. Often the "burns" are not recognized in the end user experience. Let alone extinguished or even avoided.

Finally, be more than an IT fire brigade: If you want to proactively identify end-user needs, you first must be able to measure them correctly - from the user's perspective - and then act accordingly. That is how the ops team can change - from a hectic IT fire brigade to a special operations team that "gets your apps moving".

The Solution
#APM of

We help with Application Performance Management, in short #APM. Our central solution for End User Experience Management improves your monitoring and leads your apps to best performance.


We clean up your applications properly. When optimizing your apps, we follow a clear plan in four steps:

Focus on


Business critical apps must always be running. We define which ones they are.

Bottlenecks &


In this phase we create all the organizational requirements for the app optimization.

DevOps process


Shorter release cycles, more app updates. To achieve this, we bring the development and operations teams together for an efficient DevOps process.

app Optimization


There is always room for improvement: In an iterative process you can successively optimize your app.




We're not just flexing our muscles with the monitoring software. With #APM we offer you strong performance that goes far beyond that:

  • Implementation and integration of modern APM solutions

  • Training your IT managers for the new system

  • Customer Success Service: Maintenance, operation, support

  • amasol Managed Service - aMC: #APM securely operated from the cloud of amasol

Your BizOps Value: eliminate disruptions before the business suffers

Until now, system complexity has prevented a clear view of things. #APM now makes problems transparent down to code level. And that in real-time. Which is surely preferable when business depends on short response times. Our solution delivers more than just key figures. With #APM you are on the best way to app management, where problems can be analyzed and solved automatically.


That's why

Save yourself the eternally same old story of poor app performance! There are many good reasons for #APM with amasol. The following three out of them make companies sit up and take notice:

1 Measure in real-time what is running and what is not

Unfortunately, the "good old" infrastructure performance tools no longer do this. They only measure average performance values of the apps. With #APM and its granular measurements you can get to the bottom of UX and business transaction problems.

2 One APM solution for all technologies

Companies today work with various app technologies. An APM solution therefore needs to cover a wide range. Whether on-premise, cloud, IP flow, browser-based or client-based - with #APM you can measure the performance of all common technologies.

3 Value-added directly from IT

The availability of business-critical applications is just as important to specialist departments as it is to management. With #APM of amasol, the IT department contributes its own value-added contribution to the success of the company. With a contemporary user experience.

Facts check


Performance improvement for business critical apps with #APM of amasol*


faster threat detection thanks to #APM**


reduction in bandwidth usage through the use of #APM**

Sources: *Success Story Porsche Informatik **Forrester, Total Economic Impact Study 09/2020

Use cases
for #APM

When is #APM the right solution for your business? We have compiled the most important application scenarios for you here:

Real user

Real user monitoring gives insight into the user experience for every transaction and allows targeted analytics and optimization.

Synthetic user

24/7 availability and compliance with Service level agreement (SLA) for enterprise applications or e-commerce, web and mobile apps

APM full stack

In-depth analysis of app performance in the data center through multi-tier transaction tracking


Understand application performance from your employees perspective - for all apps used from their desktops / laptops

The amasol factor: The best of three supreme disciplines

To be honest, the "ONE" APM procedure does not exist. As so often in real life, it's the good combination that does it. We combine best-of-breed tools with best practises and our own best performances. This allows you to integrate quickly and agilize individually.


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