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In one sentence: We can make your IT operations more agile. And that is essential! Because the complex IT services that underlie today's digital business models unfortunately do not always run smoothly. Either the interaction among the many providers causes dissonance. Or the cloud systems outside your own organisation are the cause for disgruntlement. A situation that is anything but heavenly in case of an emergency.

We at amasol support companies in visualizing the performance of their IT services, measuring them correctly and creating the basis for optimization. So that you can excel through your digital services ...

Spot on instead blind Spot

  • No more being the deer in the headlights: The performance is poor and there is no trace of availability. When mission-critical services fail, there is no point in going into shock. With our solutions, critical situations can be quickly transformed into actionable information.

  • BizOps is the name of the game instead of technology come hell or high water: Of course, we use market-leading technologies. But not for their own sake. We ensure that they are used in such a way that each business unit can achieve its economic goals. This is what we mean when we say BizOps.

  • Your IT monitoring is in safe hands: amasol assumes the overall responsibility for the selection, procurement, implementation and successful operation of your IT monitoring solutions.

  • We do not let our customers down: We support solutions that we implement over their entire life cycle. From the selection to the managed service afterwards.

  • We always have a sympathetic ear for you: You can always ask amasol. You have a call for projects and need a serious assessment? We can help. Based on our many years of experience.

amasol, an
with upright

Being a top company means more than just doing a job for us and our employees. More than simply sitting at your desk every day and shutting down the computer at five o'clock sharp.

What we stand for:

  • amasol is flexible: In support we like to take matters into our own hands. In the event of serious problems, you benefit from effective escalation with the manufacturer.
  • amasol ist commited: Our word is our bond. Even if the situation became really precarious. We stand by commitments we have made.
  • amasol is visionary: With the BizOps Forum we have initiated a community that makes the business contribution of the IT machine room visible. Because only those who know the right levers can pull them quickly and cost-effectively.

Would you like to find out more about amasol? You can view our Facts & Figures Sheet here.

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amasol Crew

Our employees are always there for you. And without them we would not be where we are today. In 2020 there will be over 70 of them. As a team we pursue our vision of innovative BizOps. And despite international expansion -with locations in Munich, Vienna and New Delhi - we have remained true to our values.

What we believe in:

  • Mutual Support: We believe that our corporate culture of boundless collegiality is not only a decisive competitive advantage for us. It is also one of the reasons why we go to work every day.
  • Diversity: In our experience, working with people from different backgrounds, cultures and mindsets helps us all to become better at what we do.
  • Communication: The personal and direct contact with each other, with our business partners and customers is a priority for us. And always finding an open door in the seniors' office is not just a coincidence ...
  • Social Commitment: amasol views itself as an active member of society and wants to give back good things. We have a personal commitment to the children with epidermolysis bullosa. In various events throughout the year we collect donations for the research and healing of this rare skin disease. You too can become a part of it!

The amasol
Management team


Stefan Deml

As a co-founder of amasol CTO Stefan Deml plays a decisive role in determining the strategic orientation of the company and is responsible for pre-sales, services and the selection of new best-of-breed solutions.
Over the last twenty years, Mr. Deml has accompanied numerous amasol customers on the way from requirements gathering, solution selection and design, implementation and transfer of operations to continuous further development of the implemented system. His sense of feasibility and his pragmatic solution approaches are appreciated by both customers and manufacturer partners.
In his spare time Stefan is an enthusiastic ski hiker and goes on mountainbike tours. Besides he is an active member of the water rescue service in Bad Wiessee.


Frank Jahn

CSO Frank Jahn joined amasol in 2003 and is responsible for sales and marketing. In his role as Chief Sales Officer, he has quintupled sales and significantly advanced the expansion of amasol into a group with presences in Vienna and New Delhi.
Since 2019 the topic BizOps – the close interconnection between Business and Operations – is at the top of Frank´s agenda. With the BizOps Forum he founded a new event format for this framework which is so far unique in the German market.
Whenever possible, Frank prefers using his bicycle instead of his car.


Thomas Dirsch

CFO Thomas Dirsch initiated the foundation of amasol in 1999 and is responsible for finance, human resources, data protection, internal IT and information security. His professional interests at amasol focus on the design and architecture of network fault and performance management solutions. In this area, Mr. Dirsch is now one of the most experienced experts in the German-speaking market. He was responsible for the introduction of network performance management systems at almost half of all DAX 30 companies. Due to this experience, he is the central contact person for amasol customers from the IT Infrastructure Management sector for the development of individual solutions, implementation consulting, migration planning and training.
In his limited free time Thomas is occupied with hardware-fiddling and is active in sports.

our customers say

  1. "Without amasol we would not have been able to complete our project in terms of time and quality. The long lasting cooperation paid off completely."
    Rudolf Raab, project manager at FI-TS
  2. "In the many years of our collaboration ... the system integrator has more than once proven its flexibility and creativity in the design and implementation of innovative licence and maintenance models tailored specifically to the requirements of EWE TEL."
    Armin Gau, Team Leader Assurance & Fulfillment, EWE TEL
  3. "amasol works extremely flexibly and efficiently and is always available to us for advice and support. By outsourcing the operation of the EUEM/APM platform, we were also able to save our scarce personnel resources and can be sure that there is someone there who continuously takes care of the smooth operation of the platform."
    Jörg Witzgall, Business Unit Manager Applications & Processes, Kubus IT
  4. "After amasol had already supported several Dynatrace customers, we were able to draw on comprehensive product know-how and many years of project experience. We were able to benefit from this wealth of experience and did not have to build up the corresponding capacities ourselves. Even better: We can even save resources and, if necessary, fall back on the expertise of amasol employees."
    Karl Littke, Teamlead Platform & Middleware, Porsche Informatik