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Bermuda Triangle
Where IT budgets

Operation and further development of the IT infrastructure is not exactly found under "core competencies" in most companies. Perhaps that is why so much savings potential is slipping through the cracks here! The IT infrastructure is a strategic issue - because it has a direct impact on business processes. Often enough it leads those responsible into a Bermuda triangle of complexity, project stress and cost control. If you don't want to go under, you have to ensure the reliability of the infrastructure as well as reduce the costs involved.

High availability is a must...: A smoothly functioning IT infrastructure is a matter of survival. For companies and their customers, clients or patients. That is why every digit after the decimal point counts: The feasible optimum is currently 99.999 percent availability. That corresponds to 5.26 minutes of downtime. Many companies strive for 99.9999 percent. Because 31.56 seconds per year works better.

... but not at any cost: Business-critical systems are often more expensive. But there are limits to any IT budget. It would be desirable to achieve an IT infrastructure consolidation with given resources that optimises operational stability. The public cloud in combination with targeted IT monitoring and management have proven themselves here.

The solution
#ITIM of

With IT Infrastructure Management, in a nutshell, #ITIM, we ensure maximum operational stability at all times. We reach our goal in four steps:


Laying the foundation
for any IT communication


Essential in times of remote work: the network. Here we lay an important building block by measuring precisely to ensure availability.

Identify gaps
in monitoring


Infrastructure components are expert topics. We identify gaps in your team and orchestrate your specialists.

Make or Buy,
that is the question


Everything according to the motto: as little as possible, as much as necessary. Even with the aspects of cost! We find solutions and build up a suitable tool set.

All signs point to future security


How about monitoring the infrastructure as a service from the cloud. Supported by amasol and Human Guided Automation in operation.



IT infrastructure - stable and high performance as it should be! But that is not all: This service package is included in #ITIM by amasol:

  • Conceptual design & tool consolidation

  • Consulting & Tool Selection

  • Implementation, further development & operation of the ITIM solution

  • Support of the overall solution across different manufacturers

  • Training of your IT experts

Your BizOps Value:
IT Infrastructure
with business

The operation of systems must be directly oriented to their criticality. What this means can be clearly illustrated using the example of remote workstations. There are occasions when companies have to move all workstations to the home office from one day to the next. What used to be done in the past using small special tools suddenly becomes critical for the company. For this type of change in business-critical programmes, different monitoring is required, with different teams and processes. Only in this way can existing operability be guaranteed. This is where #ITIM provides BizOps services that are decisive for success.



When it comes to operational stability, companies should indeed leave nothing to chance. Here are 3 reasons why you should plan with us:

1 Single Pane of Glass: the entire IT at a glance

One console, all causes of failure. With us, you can monitor both classic corporate IT and the latest public-cloud infrastructures on a consolidated view.

2 Tool Consolidation & Pragmatism

It is not always necessary to reinvent the wheel: In IT operations, we rely on adopting proven methods, cleverly closing gaps and integrating open source technologies where it makes sense.

3 Automation & Self-Healing

We examine where and how the multitude of operational tasks can be automated. This lays the foundation for real-time error correction and future scenarios such as predictive maintenance in your IT.

Facts check



reduction in internal costs through automation*

Reduction of MTTR from 1.889 minute to

1 Minute**

Up to


tool consolidation for companies with more than 5 tools***

Use cases
for #ITIM

How you use the #ITIM solution from amasol is up to you. Here are some application scenarios in which #ITIM has already proven itself:

Automatic Root
Cause Investigation

The entire system is bumpy - cause unknown. With #ITIM you can determine the source automatically and accurately.

Modernization of
network monitoring

If it is time to rethink traditional IT structures anyway, think of #ITIM!


Cleverly integrating the best of two worlds. With #ITIM, classic infrastructures merge with those from the cloud.


Prioritised problem solving, self-propelling IT: we automate what works and organise it accordingly for you.


Less is more. This also applies to the number of IT tools. It's a very simple calculation: fewer tools, less error-prone.


We will not only construct a Single Pane of Class for you. We also design it in such a way that you are able to act immediately in the event of alerts.

The amasol
factor: Over
20 years of

In two decades of infrastructure monitoring you can see a lot of things. During this time, amasol has developed an understanding that the network is at the heart of the IT infrastructure. With this approach and our decades of experience with off- and on-premise structures, we can ensure high operational quality in every company.


#ITIM Tools und Partner



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„Why doing it myself, when there is a machine that relieves me
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