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Most companies today use and offer digital services. Each of these services is also a risk, representing a potential gateway for cyberattacks. Naturally, companies strive to avoid security gaps or close them on an ad hoc basis. However, the problem cannot be solved operationally in the long run, because it is a strategic one.

So-called "whitespots", i.e. information gaps, prevent a holistic view of IT communications. This makes it difficult to cope with the increasing IT threats and to meet legal requirements. The growing complexity of hybrid cloud systems and the lack of personnel in IT security exacerbate the problem.


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The amasol trends provide you with various innovative immediate aids for acute IT hardships. These are always integrated solutions that start where the shoe pinches you the most.


This time: SecOps

SecOps from amasol: company assets
secure at any time

Data, infrastructures, customer information and supply chains - data leaks in these areas are more than embarrassing. They endanger the future of companies. With amasol SecOps you can effectively protect business-critical data, detect attacks on your supply chains faster and remain capable of acting in the meantime.


This is what SecOps from amasol comprises:

  1. 1 User Behavior Analytics: With traditional security solutions, you usually get a fragmented view of IT networks and infrastructure. With amasol SecOps, you get an end-to-end view of user behavior by looking directly into the data flow.
  2. 2 Network Detection and Response: When IT systems are attacked, e.g. by malware, anomalies quickly occur. amasol SecOps provides network and context data and thus offers the possibility to immediately act on these key indicators.
  3. 3 Threat Simulation: How well does your "IT defense" hold up in an emergency? With amasol SecOps, you can simulate countless attack scenarios and also detect admin errors that, in the worst case, could become a gateway for hackers to enter.
  4. 4 Implementationg & Integration: How do you integrate amasol SecOps into your security architecture? We take care of it. We advise on individual components, integrate and implement the overall solution for effective IT security.

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What is so special about amasol SecOps, you may ask. In one sentence: With our solution, for the first time you achieve security visibility based on the actual behavior of attackers and unskilled users - with insights that cannot be manipulated and without "whitespots".

1 Fully exploit optimization potential

Processes become more efficient thanks to improved plannability of change projects and more productive collaboration in your IT teams. Another cost lever is the now possible real-time pre-analysis of network data: Because instead of each individual log file, amasol SecOps only passes on the real events.

2 Interoperability of solutions

Only through seamless integration into the IT architecture and enrichment of existing security information can full visibility and rapid response be achieved. The resulting solidarity between security and IT operations then has a positive impact on the business.

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from SecOps
with amasol

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    From the customer to the business decision-maker everyone is happy to have services that function without downtime. With amasol SecOps you can achieve this, because you can deploy security measures much faster in the event of a crisis.

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    Every Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) should also breathe a sigh of relief, because visibility gaps in the IT security strategy can finally be closed and the risks of encrypted data traffic can be significantly reduced.

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    amasol SecOps creates a "wow" in SOC Management! Full visibility into East, West, North, South and encrypted network traffic provides end-to-end visibility into network communications for the first time. This enables managers to better understand user behavior and drive more efficient analytics thanks to investigative workflows with full context.

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    Eureka moments for your Security Manager: With amasol SecOps, the number of false positive alerts is reduced, the response time to incidents is shortened. The dwell time decreases and the understanding of data and application dependencies increases. Even forensic analyses of breaches and security vulnerabilities are possible.

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    Also nice: Your Data Protection Officer can use amasol SecOps to perform precise analyses of data handling and compliance with regulations.

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*Source: DC White Paper | ExtraHop Delivers Better User Experience and Security for Enterprises­#ExtraHop-delivers-better-User-Experience-and-Security-for-Enterprise

When is it
time for
amasol SecOps?

Thinking about amasol SecOps is never wrong. It makes real sense to use it especially if you plan to address the following issues:

  • Putting an end to whitespots in your security strategyClassic approaches struggle with mapping user behavior from end to end. Logs may be a support, but they can be manipulated. With amasol SecOps you have better possibilities to analyze your IT security. Simply because it uses the current transaction information of the network communication for this purpose.
  • Tackle Cloud Migration, Hybrid Cloud Security or Mergers & Acquisitions When moving to the cloud, securing hybrid cloud scenarios or company mergers, amasol SecOps is a good idea. You can avoid rogue connections, target data flows and better comply with governance rules. And you can also prove consistent network hygiene more easily.
  • Combat security threats, incidents and breaches more efficientlyReal-time detection of anomalies in user behavior based on "invisible" network data stream analysis is what makes amasol SecOps special. This is complemented by decryption of selected network transactions and protocol decoding from layer 2 to 7 as well as long-term packet capture. This allows your forensics team to understand entire attack chains and their impact in more detail.
  • Launch Zero-Trust InitiativesIf you want to shift your IT security perspective to a dataflow and user-centric view, amasol SecOps is your vehicle to do so. You improve collaborative workflows between security, network, cloud and DevSecOps teams. You're unburdened and able to detect suspicious activity across all network traffic. That includes East-West traffic.

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