CA as Enterprise Software Division of Broadcom focuses on digital transformation

Within the group of the leading technology company Broadcom, the well-proven tools of CA Technologies are being developped further. With its strategic digital BizOps platform, Broadcom also offers the integrated solution that companies need for digital transformation.

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DX Operational Intelligence

The ongoing challenge in IT: How do I manage my heterogeneous and volatile enterprise IT infrastructure efficiently? DX Operational Intelligence is backed by modern technologies and provides a comprehensive visibility into your enterpsie infrastructure from cloud to mainframe and from applications to the network.

Do you find yourself unable to cope with the constantly growing number of alarms from your complex infrastructure and cannot keep up with analysis of those? Maybe you are already using a CA (now Broadcom) monitoring tool, which does not support monitoring modern technologies anymore. Then it is time to have a look at DX Operational Intelligence and start creating synergies.

DX Operational Intelligence - the machine-learning-driven AIOps solution

DX Operational Intelligence ingests structured and unstructured data from e.g. metrics, log-files, text-files, alarms, topology information, telemetry data, third party APIs or any other corporate data into its data-lake. By means of multiple-metric correlation and anomaly detection DX Operational Intelligence delivers a root cause analysis identifying potential problems at an early stage. That way errors can be detected and remediated, before having an impact on your business - just pure BizOps!

The core features of DX Operational Intelligence is

Insight into your complete digital supply chain
 Comprehensive data sets for reactive and proactive analysis and alarming
 Machine-learning-driven root cause analysis
 Assistance by automation
 Insights into your business-critical services

BSI – Business Service Insight (formerly known as Oblicore)

Performance, infrastructure or incidents are mostly professionally monitored. The gap arises with the question of business impact. As a professional SLM solution, BSI combines the commercial and technical worlds and provides the information for business-oriented management of your IT.

Alignment of IT with business objectives

The central task of IT today is to deliver custom tailored services to the business and thus make a sustainable contribution to business success. The agreed service levels form the basis for this. With BSI as a contract- and customer-oriented SLM solution, you are able to precisely prove the quality of your services compared to the agreed performance criteria.

With Business Service Insight you can achieve the following

• Get out of Excel Hell when it comes to business impact
• Facts instead of feelings in Performance reviews
• Single point of truth when it comes to service quality
• Auditability and governance are guaranteed
• Customer satisfaction through transparency in service delivery

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DX NetOps (includes DX NetOps Virtual Network Assurance - DX NetOps Network Flow Analysis - DX NetOps Performance Management - DX NetOps Spectrum)

DX NetOps provides unified network management for on-premise, cloud and multi-cloud network architectures. It enables AIfor-powered network triage between traditional systems and modern but complex software-defined network (SDN) architectures from different vendors and platforms.

Unified network management for the challenges in distributed network labyrinths with ever-increasing levels of complexity

The possibilities of high-scaling real-time monitoring and machine learning-based full-stack analyses make it possible to reduce the complexities for monitoring heterogeneous network architectures in the classic and virtual SDN/cloud environment. Analyses of the network environment, topology, device metrics, pending errors and collected network flow and packet data generate suggestions for actionable measures that can be processed automatically.

In combination with Broadcom AIOps, potential problems beyond the network can thus also be proactively and autonomously detected and remedied with data from the areas of application and system infrastructure.

With DX NetOps you achieve

Fault management: Spectrum Root-Cause, Inventory, Topology

Performance management: SNMP, telemetry, REST, IFA

Netflow analysis: Netflow, Sflow, IPfix, variants, NBAR

Hybrid Cloud Monitoring: SDN/IBN, SD-WAN, NFV, SDDC, Cloud

The core features of DX NetOps are

Reduce MTTR with automated network monitoring triage.

Granular real-time insights into hop-by-hop latency, packet loss and network congestion

Easy triage through intelligent analytics and root cause analysis

SD-WAN monitoring to ensure site availability and monitoring of policy definitions on application availability

Deep packet and flow analysis with holistic insight into private, public or hybrid cloud workloads, network performance and cloud-based wireless technologies

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