Splunk: Turn data into doing

Splunk brings the data of your company to every business area, making it available, usable and valuable. No matter whether the questions are of a technical nature or concern business processes - Splunk provides the tool for answers that lead to informed decisions.

No one needs data!: What we need are answers!


With its Data-to-Everything platform, Splunk brings the data to every part of your organization, making it the basis for every question, decision and action. From technical to business-oriented questions. All formats, all sources in real-time visibility.


Understanding what happens - in real time

Splunk collects data from all data sources and in all formats, but at one place. With its advanced search language, the Data-to-Everything platform enables you to explore, monitor, analyze and act on this data in real time across the entire enterprise. Because it does not use a rigid schema, Splunk is as flexible as the questions you ask it. Today and in the future.


Splunk is a flexible platform with

  • powerful reporting
  • premium apps that extend the functionality
  • built-in machine learning
  • integrated collaboration tools


Search, analyze, visualize: turning Big Data into Smart Data

Splunk Enterprise

Splunk Enterprise turns "big data" into "smart data". The solution collects, analyzes and visualizes previously largely unused machine data from IT infrastructure, security systems and business applications across the entire company. This results in insights and findings that are crucial for optimizing operational performance.


Intuitive machine learning-powered analysis: data becomes answers

Splunk Enterprise uses log and machine data from any source for analysis and also enables its combination with data from other sources (relational databases, data warehouse, Hardoop or NoSQL data stores). Multi-site clustering and automatic load balancing provide scalability of data analysis of hundreds of terabytes of data per day. Response times are optimized, and continuous availability is guaranteed. Splunk Enterprise's open development platform also enables easy customization to meet specific project requirements. Thus, custom Splunk applications can be created or Splunk data can be integrated into other applications.

Ultimately, all business units benefit from the central availability of data and can use it to make quick and easy decisions for the further development of the infrastructure or the optimization of business processes.

Mit Business Analytics von Splunk Enterprise bietet:

  • Real-time visibility through automated collection and indexing of enterprise-wide distributed machin data and alert generation
  • Immediately actionable insights regardless of data sources and format
  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning as the basis for predictive and proactive business decisions


Fast, scalable, precise: This is how monitoring works today

Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring

Splunk provides real-time infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting for on-premises, hybrid and multi-cloud environments. The solution impresses with its speed, scalability and ability to provide precise analysis, which is essential for dynamic monitoring and management of hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

Overcoming the challenges of complex cloud environments? No problem with Splunk Enterprise.

Splunk Enterprise provides the visibility into cloud capacity utilization required to minimize cloud and therefore total cost of ownership. In addition, the solution works across systems and tools. Processes can thus be consolidated, and isolated applications are avoided. The management and monitoring of an entry into the cloud thus takes place with significantly higher transparency, agility, speed and prospect of success.


Splunk Infrastructure Monitoring offers:

  • Problem solving in seconds: Splunk Enterprise enables real-time monitoring and troubleshooting thanks to its streaming architecture. Alerts and visualization of the corresponding incident are triggered within a few seconds and can thus usually be checked and resolved before they lead to negative effects for the users.
  • Unlimited scalability: Splunk Enterprise grows with its requirements and therefore offers maximum investment security. The solution processes data from a wide variety of sources and of any size throughout the entire company.
  • AI-powered analytics and automation: Unlike traditional monitoring tools, Splunk relies on innovative AI-based technologies and analytics. This makes proactive detection and correction of errors possible in the first place. Alerts are pattern-based, anomalies are detected within seconds (80% shorter MTTD compared to other vendors' solutions).


End-to-end service level management and rapid error correction based on predictive analytics methods

Splunk IT Service Intelligence (ITSI)

Splunk IT Service Intelligence extends business, process, application and infrastructure monitoring to monitor IT services. The AIOps-powered solution also supports predictive fault detection and remediation.

AIOps platform: Detect problems before they occur

Splunk IT Service Intelligence helps monitor compliance with service level agreements. The solution does this by providing dashboards for monitoring service levels, reviewing alerts and performing root-cause analysis. Splunk ITSI also helps lower mean time to recovery (MTTR) with features such as real-time event correlation or automated incident prioritization, as well as integration with other ITSM and orchestration tools. Machine learning-based technologies enable complex analytics to monitor KPI data and prevent problems before they occur (predictive analytics).


Mit Splunk ITSI bietet:

  • Service Analytics Dashboards and Glass Table Views: Splunk ITSI includes predefined dashboards for monitoring IT performance and business operations. The solution captures service levels and visually correlates IT services with the underlying infrastructure.
  • In-depth exploration of services: Splunk ITSI allows you to view multiple services simultaneously. Correlating their metrics over time enables precise root cause analysis.
  • Predictive Analytics: With AI and MI-based capabilities, Splunk ITSI enables predictive forecasting of incidents. Adaptive thresholding and anomaly detection provide the basis to update rules according to observed and historical behavior. Alerts are thus always up to date.
  • Intelligent event management: Splunk ITSI enables automated event correlation in real time. Event alerts from multiple sources are thus integrated into a centralized notification framework. The solution sends notifications as soon as data arrives in the system. Machine learning policies reduce event noise. Namely, Splunk ITSI automatically prioritizes individual incidents based on service assessment and impact.

DSGVO-compliant and Made in Germany

Splunk for aMC (amasol Managed Cloud)

amasol also provides Splunk as a Monitoring-as-a-Service in the amasol Managed Cloud. aMC customers benefit from a turnkey provisioned environment with all the advantages of the amasol Managed Cloud offering:

  • DSGVO compliance through local hosting in a data center in Germany
  • Additional benefits through extended amasol services for all aMC solutions
  • Less effort in selection and implementation through access to continuously growing aMC solution portfolio
  • German speaking contact person for operation and support

amasol Managed Cloud: Simply play it safe

In the amasol Managed Cloud (aMC), amasol adds its own practical extensions to the available vendor solutions. This simplifies performance monitoring, configuration management and the creation of the corresponding backups.

Benefits of Splunk aMC for the customer:

  • Provision of all components incl. licenses
  • Operation, maintenance and backup of the entire system landscape
  • Setup and configuration of so-called "premium apps

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