BigPanda: Keeping an overview at all times, even in complex IT systems

The more complex the IT infrastructure, the more difficult it is for the IT operations (ITOps) team to maintain an overview. A flood of simultaneously incoming notifications, alerts and status updates from various monitoring systems, known as  "IT noise", poses the risk of simply being overwhelmed and losing focus on the important alerts: those alerts that indicate an impending system failure.

AIOps solutions such as BigPanda's AIOps platform therefore now play a crucial role in modern IT operations. They use artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to automate monitoring processes, thus increasing the efficiency of IT operations. This allows the IT Ops team to focus on the decisions and actions that ultimately ensure the optimal performance and reliability of the IT system, reducing the risk of system failure to a minimum.

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BigPanda AIOps platform: Detecting errors, avoiding failures, cutting costs

BigPanda's AIOps platform aggregates reports from various monitoring tools and sources and translates them into immediately actionable insights with the help of artificial intelligence. The solution thus reduces "IT noise".

As its use in practice shows, BigPanda improves the performance and availability of critical business applications by reducing the Mean-Time-To Repair (MTTR) by half or more.

BigPanda's tools can also be used to isolate and analyze the causes of an incident in real time.

IT Ops teams are thus able to proactively prevent impending incidents and optimize service availability. User experience increases, incident management is automated, and manual activities are minimized.

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By using the AIOps platform from BigPanda:

  • You can detect incidents before they become failure
    By using machine learning technologies, BigPanda correlates alerts, changes in the IT environment, and topology data allowing it to detect and resolve incidents as they happen. This reduces the frequency and impact of system failures especially when critical business applications and services are affected.
  • You can reduce alert noise by 95 percent
    Thanks to BigPanda, IT Ops teams are no longer overwhelmed or distracted by an almost infinite number of IT alerts. Instead, they can focus on the alerts and incidents where there is a real risk of escalating into system failures.
  • You can simplify and accelerate incident management collaboration.
    BigPanda automates various aspects of incident management, such as ticketing and collaboration via chat and notification tools, as well as custom workflows. If a failure does occur, BigPanda reveals the causes and forwards them to the right IT teams for quick resolution. The result: faster resolution of failures, fewer violations of SLA requirements, and more satisfied customers.
  • Automated, proactive AI-based incident management becomes a reality!

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