Do not raise
the white flag

The IT departments of the world really have a tough time these days: keeping the business running and expanding it at the same time. With a powerful and agile infrastructure, for which they usually must combine a wide variety of operating models - from in-house solutions to managed services to the cloud. And all of this with existing services wherever possible. In addition, decision-makers and specialist departments expect them to use innovative developments to carry the flag for digital transformation in the company.

From "technology" department to vision unit: In short: IT is changing from a technical department to a "business enabler". Within the company, it is measured by the quality of service, cost efficiency and the availability of business-critical functions.

Increasing demands and complexity: But that is not enough - the control processes are becoming increasingly complex for IT: It must now monitor the entire supply chain of external and internal services and control them in a timely and quality-oriented manner. A lot to ask? Yes. But certainly, no reason to raise the white flag now.

The Solution
by amasol

With technology business management and service level management from amasol, in short #TBM_SLM, we lay a robust foundation to help you successfully manage the growing complexity in IT management.


One of our great friends are individual solutions. For the very reason that every company has very specific requirements for its IT. However, there are already some standards that have been established for #TBM_SLM projects at amasol:

Stock analysis:
Service x costs


What are you paying for? To clarify this, we check the quality commitments in your service level agreements (SLAs) as well as possibilities for measurability and automation. Then we break down the service into individual cost items in order to better evaluate the price-performance ratio.

Getting into
the swing of things


Once it is clear what can be done away with and which services you actually need, our team gets started and shows its strengths: We combine our many years of expertise with proven #TBM tools, such as Digital Fuel from Apptio or Business Service Insight from CA Technologies/ Broadcom.

Integration & Innovation


Interfaces are what we do best: In this phase you benefit from 20 years of integration know-how at amasol. Our colleagues often use innovative solutions like Apptio, ServiceNow or Splunk.

The icing
on the cake


The cake tastes the same. It is even better with some cream. That is why we complement amasol best practices and in-house developments such as amasol service management reporting to get the best out of it for you.

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A software for IT control is of little help if you do not exactly know what is possible with it. With #TBM_SLM we offer you not only a high performance solution but also highly interesting services:

  • Assessment of your existing SLA management or reporting environment

  • Implementation and integration of the relevant TBM SLM solutions

  • Operation of the new TBM SLM solution - also as managed service

  • Training for your employees

Your BizOps Value: Best performance & best price for
digital business

IT service may only have a certain price. Full stop. The quality must of course be right. Only: How are you supposed to get that from your cryptic SLA report? It is only useful for you if you can understand it and accept it as proof of quality. All too often, however, Ops teams ( yet ) lack the vision for this. This makes it difficult for biz teams to assess the value of technology to the business. With us, you can achieve a transparent service level management that ensures the success of the digital business and can be and remains freely configurable across complex supply chains. And all this at the best price-performance ratio.



A little bit of technology business management and service level management - surely other IT service providers can do that too! The only question is: How good? Here is what you can achieve with us:

1 Full-service transparency thanks to SLA

The quality of IT services is subjective and therefore often a bone of contention. We work with SLAs in which we set clear goals and service definitions as well as their quality. In this way we ensure that the requirements are high enough to support business processes without unnecessarily driving up the price.

2 Targeted optimization of IT costs

The target of #TBM_SLM is also to enable a professional planning and control of the costs of each IT service. In short: We want to upgrade your controlling of IT. Avoid cost explosions in cloud first strategies with our help or normalize out-of-control cloud costs. We identify unnecessary capacities - and if necessary, we'll get in the ring with your public cloud provider.

3 Control the speed of innovation in real time

Workloads into the cloud as fast as possible! How many IT budgets have been sacrificed on this altar of efficiency? We do not know. What we do know is: With #TBM_SLM, you can finally see in real time if the workloads in your cloud are delivering the value you want. The benefit: Control the speed of innovation instead of slowing it down!

Facts check


reduction in cloud services costs with #TBM_SLM*

Save up to


on your IT budget within a year with #TBM_SLM**


amortization of IT tool costs thanks to #TBM_SLM from amasol with Apptio tools**


So ein bisschen Technology Business Management – das können andere IT-Dienstleisterdoch sicher auch! Bestimmt. Die Frage ist nur: Wie gut? Das können Sie mit uns erreichen:

1 Volle Service-Transparenz dank SLA

Die Qualität von IT-Services ist subjektiv und daher oft ein Zankapfel. Wir arbeiten mit SLAs, in denen wir klare Ziele und Service-Definitionen sowie deren Güte festhalten. So stellen wir sicher, dass die Anforderungen hoch genug sind, um Geschäftsprozesse zu unterstützen, ohne den Preis dafür unnötig hochzutreiben.

2 Gezielte Optimierung von IT-Kosten

Ziel von #TBM ist eine professionelle Kostenplanung und -kontrolle pro IT-Applikation. Kurz: Wir wollen Ihr IT-Controlling aufschlauen. Vermeiden Sie Kostenexplosionen bei Cloud first- Strategien und normalisieren Sie aus dem Ruder Gelaufenes. Wir identifizieren überflüssige Kapazitäten – und wenn es sein muss, steigen wir mit Ihrem Public-Cloud-Anbieter in den Ring.

3 Innovationsgeschwindigkeit in Echtzeit aussteuern

Workloads schnellstmöglich in die Cloud! Wie viele IT-Budgets schon auf dem Effizienz-Altar geopfert wurden? Wissen wir nicht. Was wir wissen: Mit #TBM prüfen Sie in Echtzeit, ob Workloads in der Cloud den gewünschten Wertbeitrag liefern. Vorteil: Aussteuern der Innovationsgeschwindigkeit statt ausbremsen!

Fakten Check


Verringerung der Kosten für Cloud Services durch #TBM


gesenkte Bandbreitenauslastung durch den Einsatz von #APM

Biszu 15%

Einsparungen beim IT-Budget innerhalb eines Jahres

Sources: *CIO: Technology Business Management in der Praxis 06/2016 **Our experience

Use cases
for #TBM_SLM

Does #TBM_SLM from amasol fit to your IT management? Here you can find four possible scenarios for our solution:

Cloud cost

Cost structures for your cloud systems can finally be presented transparently, invoices translated into a readable format and items assigned: #TBM_SLM ensures full cost control based on standard taxonomies of the international TBM Council.


"Good" service level agreements ensure that you will get exactly the cloud and system power that your digital business really needs. Without having to call in moonshine prices for it.

Incentives based
on key figures

Why should only the sales department see cash for "good figures"? With #TBM_SLM you are now able to reward top performance of your IT managers for highly available systems accordingly.


Two words: Underpinning contracts. In the future, you will be able to manage internal and, more importantly, external suppliers in an automated and customer-centric manner. Transparent key figures from our #TBM_SLM solution will easily provide this in the future.

The amasol factor: IT optimization from the contract perspective

#TBM_SLM, as we understand and operate it, is frankly a niche service. Specialized and quite demanding. But for you #TBM_SLM with amasol can be very lucrative, because we look at service management from a contract perspective - and automate it. Our declared goal is to get more IT quality for the same or lower price for you.


#TBM_SLM Tools und Partner



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