klaricore is the quality boost in automated IT Business Management

A new automated platform for IT Business Management

klaricore is a tool that integrates raw data through APIs, connecting data points to key performance indicators, contracts, and contractual breaches.

klaricore simplifies complex data and presents it through accessible dashboards, empowering organizations to address service obligations, decision validations, and data comprehension challenges. With its user-friendly design and robust functionality, klaricore is a straightforward solution for businesses aiming to improve processes and decision-making capabilities, offering a path to enhanced business understanding and operational efficiency.

Discover klaricore: 

Typical challenges

Data Correlation and Calculation

Excessive penalty payments due to non-compliance.

Constraints of Visibility

Difficulty in understanding current service obligations.

Streamlined Value Chain

Bottlenecks and delays due to disjointed data flow from raw inputs to final outputs.

Manual Data Distribution

Manual reporting and data distribution hurdles impede operational efficiency.

klaricore addresses Challenges with a modern SLM Approach

Full visibility of Business Metrics

klaricore addresses the reporting need of calculated metrics. Like IT Stability, Availability, SLAs or XLAs, Compliance- and Security risks. It helps to bring existing data to a higher level of understanding. Calculations are easily set up and reusable.

Manage Bonus and Penalties

When IT becomes a critical factor, users and suppliers agree to bonus rules and penalties. Managing business real time metrics with dashboards and reports will to set priorities in IT operations. klaricore has templates and predefined calculations which support a fast implementation.

Data Correlation and Calculation

Today's IT operations make little or no use of valuable data. The big data of monitoring and observability solutions is under-used to evaluate how well business processes and applications are supported. klaricore changes that. Data from any source can be used via APIs leading to a better understanding of how IT services will support the business through calculations and mapping to business metrics and obligations.

Fully Automated Service Level Agreement (SLA) Management

Most organizations deal with SLAs, OLAs, underpinning contracts, XLAs, etc. but efficient management is often difficult, it is still a very manual and labor-intensive process. A core benefit of klaricore is the automation of these activities, providing a modern approach to radically simplify contract management. 


Unlock Peak Performance with klaricore's comprehensive Content Packs

Efficiently manage service levels, improve operational agreements, prioritize user experience, set and achieve ambitious goals, and ensure seamless compliance. 
Enable your organization to make environmentally conscious decisions, transparently report on sustainability initiatives, efficiently manage eco-friendly practices, and align with ESG principles.
Effectively assess and mitigate security risks, ensuring compliance with industry standards. Leverage robust reporting capabilities to fortify your organization against threats and enhance resilience in the ever-evolving digital security landscape.

Highlights of klaricore

We support companies in visualizing the performance of their IT services

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    Data Correlation and Calculation

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    Better Visibility

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    Streamlined Value Chain

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    Automatic Data Distribution in multiple formats to multiple users 

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    API integration

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    Open Platform - any data source/ no vendor/ technologic-in

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    Interactive data analysis & early warning Service Level Agreement alerts reduce penalties

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    Branded, customer- facing report automatically delivered

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    Customer & Provider Management

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    Customizable content packs and moduls

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    Self Service Portal with business and technical users

Data Integration

Business Apps and User Experience

Integrate data from diverse apps for an inclusive understanding and enhanced user experience.

IT Service Management

Seamlessly integrate with platforms for streamlined data and timely updates.

IT Infrastructure and Cloud Management

Gain in-depth system performance insights by integrating data from IT infrastructure management tools.

Files and integrations

Achieve a complete view by integrating log files, Excel, and other sources for thorough data coverage.

Expertise of klaricore

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    15+ Years Experience

    Based on +15 years SLM automation experience.

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    Open Platform

    Platform performs easy process or data integration.

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    Multiple deployment

    SaaS, managed Service and on Prem.

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