Moogsoft: Next Generation Intelligent Monitoring

Moogsoft offers the most advanced AI-supported observability platform, enabling IT Operations and DevOps teams to reduce significantly the time taken to detect faults (MTTD) and resolve faults faster (MTTR).

Reduce alarm floods and increase your productivity in IT operations

Moogsoft AIOps and Observability Plattform

By correlating interrelated events from business services, applications and infrastructure and providing a clear view in a single console, Moogsoft provides greater agility, fewer tickets and faster resolution times.

How algorithms make your operation suitable for the future

Continuous availability is a basic prerequisite for digital business today. Restricted by human capabilities, operators today are often no longer able to immediately detect faults and their effects and causes, as the amount of system data and the complexity of the interrelationships in IT is constantly increasing. Mogsoft's patented anomaly detection and event correlation makes it possible to detect the very first signs of anomalies and to take early action.

The Moogsoft Observability Platform offers you:

  • Noise reduction for events, alarms and incidents
  • Detection of deviations in metrics directly at the data source in real time
  • Correlation across domains based on a flexible arrangement of the event data
  • Easy application of AI algorithms and machine learning to logs, metrics and alarms
  • Support of cross-team collaboration in the solution of complex incidents