The comprehensive standardisation of measurement and monitoring procedures is increasingly becoming a critical success factor of digitalisation.

To gain insight into stability and availability in real time, the link between security (Sec) and IT operations (Ops) must be established.
IT operations (Ops) must be established.

This keynote by Frank Jahn at the start of the BizOps Forum masterclass 2023 shows the developments in the area of observability, especially in connection with the use of artificial intelligence (AI).

* Please note that this keynote will be held in German.

Who is Frank Jahn?

Frank Jahn joined amasol in 2003 and as Managing Director - Sales (CSO) is responsible for sales and marketing.
In this role, he has quintupled the turnover and significantly driven the expansion of amasol into a group with presences in Vienna and New Delhi.
Since 2019, Frank has been pushing the topic of BizOps - the dovetailing of business and operations - and founded a new event format for this with the BizOps Forum.

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